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What’s holding you back from breaking through and achieving your BIGGEST professional and PERSONAL goals?

High performance success coach Lisa Goldenthal helps you optimize your happiness and performance so that you exceed your most audacious goals.

Discover the BOSS framework to develop the success skills needed to lead in disruptive times, uncover your blindspots so that you reach your goals 10 times faster without sacrificing your health and personal life in the process.Β 

Anyone can be successful, but success at the expense of your healthΒ and relationships isn’t true success.
High Performance Executive Coaching

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David Alto
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"I had the pleasure of having Lisa on my LIVE Show. It was obvious that Lisa knows how to get her clients the results they need because of her vast background and wealth of knowledge in quickly identifying what is keeping you from having a health body, mind, and work/life integration."
Tom Hobbs
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"Lisa has an amazing knack at getting to the root of what's holding you back. She helped me unblock some deep rooted limiting beliefs and really shine through. Bye Bye Imposter Syndrome! I would totally recommend that you work with Lisa if you are a high performing business leader and want to level up."
Bret Packard
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"I highly recommend working with Lisa, as she does a superlative job for her clients. Lisa’s knowledge and experience is highly relevant, especially during periods of volatility. Her energy and passion for excellence can be relied on when it matters the most."
Executive Coach Lisa G
As a high performance coach, my exclusive coaching helps high achieving LEADERS reach your full potential in your career and life so that you drive powerful performance and results fromΒ your team.

Learn how to be limitless

The BOSS Framework gives you high energy so that you don’t sacrifice your health and happiness for your business.

High performance success coaching helps you with the tools, motivation, and proven steps needed, so that you develop the grit, and mindset required to thrive, to reach your highest potential, and achieve your most ambitious goals let’s start right now to plot out a roadmap to get you there in ninety days or less.
With proven techniques and unflappable habit-building, Lisa gets guaranteed results for you so that you achieve limitless success.

She will work with you with a customized Gap analysis to identifying the goals, objectives, and outcomes that you want to achieve so that your reach your goals – in record time to achieve your ultimate success story.

We then craft a tailor-made plan to bridge those gaps and break through to reach powerful results in record time.

Sharing your biggest goals, and challenges with a coach takes courage. When you consistently commit to doing so you achieve your ultimate results 10 times faster. Whatever it is you want – I can help you get there.

Who is high performance success coaching for?

High performance success coaching is for executives, founders and leaders who want to break through whatever is holding you back from achieving your true potential in turbulent times.