Are You Ready To Achieve High-Performance In Turbulent Times? Apply To Work With Lisa.

Are you an executive looking to navigate turbulent times with unshakable success?

My Custom High- performance success coaching program is specifically designed with you in mind.
Resilience and Grit are the super powers you need as an executive, so that you stay laser focused and

productive during even the most turbulent times. My VIP 1:1coaching program helps you to develop the tools

and strategies necessary to remain calm and focused on closing the gap between where you are and where

you’d like to be no matter

what your goal, even when everything around you is in uncertain.

The BOSS program is designed to be easy to implement, with practical steps that you can use

immediately. We’ll use a combination of coaching, and proven success strategies to help you achieve your

goals and overcome any obstacles these days.

Stress can be your super power and you can channel it for good, you can use it as rocket fuel especially since you’re in high-pressure positions. But that doesn’t mean you have to let it control you. The key is to develop a set of research backed skills that will work for you these days.

remember that success isn’t just about hitting your numbers or achieving your goals. It’s also about taking care of yourself and those around you. Make time for your loved ones, prioritize self-care, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

With my BOSS program, you’ll be equipped to handle whatever

comes your way, with a sense of confidence and resilience that will

set you apart from the competition. Don’t wait to start building your

resilience today – contact me to apply for my VIP High-

Performance success coaching program for executives.

My clients, like David Alto, say,

β€œI had the pleasure of having Lisa on my LIVE Show. It was obvious that Lisa knew how to get her clients the results they needed because of her vast background and wealth of knowledge in quickly identifying what is keeping you from having a healthy body, mind, and work/life integration.”

And another client Tom Hobbs shared this,

β€œLisa has an amazing knack for getting to the root of what’s holding you back. She helped me unblock some deep-rooted limiting beliefs and really shine through. Bye, Bye Imposter Syndrome!
I would totally recommend that you work with Lisa if you are a high-performing business leader and want to level up.”

And my client Bret Packard said,

β€œI highly recommend working with Lisa, as she does a superlative job for her clients. Lisa’s knowledge and experience is highly relevant, especially during periods of volatility. Her energy and passion for excellence can be relied on when it matters the most.”

High Performance Executive Coaching

A Little About Me Then And Now

Before working exclusively with executives, I was the best-selling writer of β€œThe Boss Weight Loss,” voted the best diet book in L.A., and β€œThe Skinny Jeans Workout.” Discover peak performance, more energy, live longer & increase your bottom line.
Fast forward to today, I have patterned my entire career on helping YOU live a better life. Seriously, it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning, and the success I’ve had working with executives just like you are proof of that fact.

Discover What It’s Like To Work With Me:

Then, assuming we are a good fit, I will set up a custom coaching plan that will bring you to new levels of Motivation and Energy to go out and knock your goals down one by one!

I Look Forward To Helping YOU Get To The Level Of Resilient, Grit, Balance, Health, Success, and Joy We BOTH Know You Should Be Living At!