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Fit Executives are Effective and Successful Executives

If you’re busy, imagine being CEO of a publicly-traded company that provides service to over 200 million users 24/7, including political leaders and A-list celebrities. Tim Cook & Dick Costolo, former Twitter CEOS, found time for fitness, and you can too! This will help you alleviate stress and increase confidence, and Leadership starts with self-leadership. It would help if you were dedicated and committed to not only your company but to yourself.

Are you struggling to balance your personal life and fitness with your business and family? Imagine feeling focused, fit, and energized? Lisa G. will help you design an exceptional high-performance system for high impact results to become bulletproof in uncertain times to help you increase performance and productivity by tapping into the systems of world-class leaders so that you look better, feel better and live longer and increase productivity.

Imagine feeling focused, fit, and energized in 90-days or less? 

Do you want to look better, feel better, and live longer in less time than you think!

Lisa’s exceptional performance coaching will meet you at your level, regardless of your current condition, allowing you to regenerate your personal life and multiply your business with noticeable, positive changes that will positively impact your life, health, and business. Are you searching for a High-Performance Coach for Executives? Then you are in the best place!

High-Performance Corporate Retreats

On a corporate retreat with Lisa G, you will receive personalized, fun, interactive  workshops and challenges meant to help you ALL grow personally as well as physically. Whether it’s for a weekend, a corporate retreat, or a team-building the needs of all individuals will be met. Lisa is dedicated to motivating, educating, and inspiring you to help you grow as a group as well as individuals, and then take that lifestyle home to continue on your weight-loss.

“Lisa does a wonderful job of helping me fit exercise and healthy eating into my busy business schedule.”

Since I’ve been working with her, my blood pressure is 20 percent lower, my waist size is down 2 sizes and I have lost the last 11 pounds. I feel like a new man. I really appreciate how knowledgable you are about diet and exercise and how to make the healthier choices when I am out at dinner. It is super helpful to have you as a partner, keeping me accountable to the tracking of the calories makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for helping me cut down on empty calories, especially white carbs and sugars, and teaching me that consistency is the ticket to maintain my new weight loss.

Henry Loubet, Chief Executive Officer, Bohemia Health

High-Performance Plans That Work

Help your employees reach their health goals and create the workplace culture you’re looking for with a comprehensive health plan.