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Communication Strategies for Resilient Leadership: Stop Feeling Like a Drowned Rat (But Seriously, Lead Like a Boss)

Communication Strategies for Resilient Leadership

Hey leaders! Lisa G here, dropping into your feed this week to talk about the secret weapon of successful teams: communication (not that other “C” word!).


Let’s be honest. Communication can feel like navigating white-water rapids in a leaky raft. Misunderstandings pop up faster than weeds in a neglected garden, and team morale plummets faster than your phone battery after a Netflix binge. A recent Gallup study found that a staggering 74% of employees experience workplace communication issues, directly impacting their productivity and engagement. Communication breakdowns are also a major driver of the “quiet quitting” phenomenon we’re seeing across industries.


But fear not, fellow leaders! I’m here to equip you with communication skills that would make even a seasoned captain envious. Because seriously, who needs fancy titles when you can lead with clear and concise communication?



Imagine this: You’re a high-potential leader, juggling a million priorities. Your team is full of talented individuals, but lately, it feels like you’re operating in silos. Projects are missing deadlines, frustration is simmering, and you’re starting to feel like a hamster on a spinning wheel. Sound familiar?


Don’t worry, leader, I’ve got the life preservers you need! Here’s a taste of the communication cocktails I’m mixing up for you:

  • Open Dialogue Daiquiris: Feeling unheard? Encourage your team to speak up! Create a safe space for honest conversations, and actively listen – you’ll be surprised by the insights you gain (and it’s way more productive than playing email ping-pong!). This fosters psychological safety, a critical factor in driving employee engagement according to Harvard Business Review.


  • Empathy Elixirs: Struggling to connect with your team? Put yourself in their shoes. Are they stressed about deadlines? Feeling overwhelmed by competing priorities? A little empathy goes a long way in building trust and fostering a positive work environment. Empathy is also a key component of emotional intelligence, a trait CEOs rank as increasingly important for leadership success.


  • Clarity Collins: Confused team members lead to missed deadlines. Ditch the jargon and speak plainly. Break down complex information into manageable chunks, and use visuals whenever possible (think charts, not cat videos… although, who knows, maybe that’ll work too!). Clear communication is essential for effective strategy execution, a top priority for CEOs according to PwC’s Global CEO Survey 2023.


These are just a few of the communication concoctions in my arsenal, leader! Stay tuned for the next newsletter where we’ll dive deeper into these tips and more.



In the meantime, share your biggest communication challenge in the comments below. Is it getting everyone on the same page? Motivating a remote team? Let’s hear it!


Who knows, you might just see your challenge anonymously featured in a future story, along with some actionable solutions!


Lisa G

High-Performance Executive Coach