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Disrupted Event: Unlock the Secret to Grit and Peak Performance!


Dear High Achievers,


Welcome to the exclusive newsletter that’s all about shattering boundaries and unlocking new levels of performance. At the heart of this year’s “Disrupted Event” is a theme that resonates with every trailblazer: How to Be Gritty and Unlock Performance. Inspired by Angela Duckworth’s groundbreaking insights, we’re delving deep into what it truly means to harness grit and excel.


1. Grit: The Powerhouse of Success


Angela Duckworth says, “Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals.” At Disrupted, we’re not just talking about fleeting motivation; we’re exploring the essence of relentless pursuit, the kind that shapes leaders and visionaries. Dive into stories of individuals who embodied grit to turn their visions into realities.


Grit Tip: Set long-term goals that align with your passion. Remember, true grit is a marathon, not a sprint.


2. Performance: Beyond Just Metrics


“Performance is directly correlated with action.” This year’s Disrupted Event focuses on how taking consistent action, despite challenges, leads to remarkable performance. It’s about transforming your daily habits into stepping stones for success.


Performance Hack: Break your goals into actionable steps. Remember, every small action counts towards your larger vision.


3. Angela Duckworth’s Insights: A Roadmap to Resilience


What makes some people give up, while others persist? We’ll explore Angela Duckworth’s insights on resilience and how it can be cultivated. Discover the science behind grit and how you can apply it to skyrocket your own performance.


Resilience Reminder: Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. Each obstacle is a chance to flex your grit muscle.


4. The Link Between Grit and Performance


Performance isn’t just about talent or intelligence; it’s about how you leverage your grit to overcome obstacles and keep moving forward. At Disrupted, we’ll reveal how these two elements intertwine to create unstoppable momentum in your career and personal life.


Quick Tip: Reflect on your past challenges. How did you overcome them? Use these experiences as fuel for your future endeavors.


5. Join the Grit Revolution at Disrupted!


Ready to unlock your true potential? The Disrupted Event is more than a conference; it’s a transformative experience designed to propel you into a realm of high performance and unwavering grit. Don’t miss this chance to learn from the best, network with like-minded achievers, and truly unlock your performance.


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Lisa G
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