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How To Build A Successful Anti-Fragile Business NOW


Unstoppables, Innovators, Trailblazers… 🌟


Question for you all:


What if we stopped “surviving” disruption and started using it to reach wild new heights? 🌪️


Listen up. Lisa G here with a hot take:


Over 67% of executives say dealing with disruption is their TOP leadership challenge right now. 📊


But what if instead of “dealing with it,” we flipped the script and EMBRACED the chaos? 🔄


What if each storm catapulted us to next-level INNOVATION and GROWTH? 🚤


Introducing the power of ANTI-FRAGILITY! 💪


Antifragile businesses GET STRONGER under pressure. Like bones growing denser when lifting weights heavier and heavier. 💼


While competitors cling to “normal,” anti-fragile trailblazers ride the wave of change into Blue Ocean territory. 🌊


Over this 3-part newsletter series, I’ll breakdown the keys to unlocking antifragility in YOUR business:


Issue #1:

Pinpoint Hidden Cracks & Shore Up Your Foundation 🛠️


Critical q: Is your infrastructure robust enough to not just withstand – but harness disruption?


Issue #2: 

Cultivate Crazy Resilience & Embrace the Tempest 🌪️


Critical q: Is your team rock-solid and storm-ready to take creativity & performance to the Next Level? ️


Issue #3:

Take the Reins! Lead the Disruption 🏇


Critical q: Are you positioned to be the trailblazing CHANGEMASTER in your industry?


Swap “brace for impact” for “bring it on!”


Join me to build the foundational strengths today’s climate demands and catapult ahead of the competition.


Who’s ready to stop surviving and start THRIVING!? 🚀


Fired up,




P.S. Tag 3 audacious leaders who need this blueprint for going from fragile to ANTI-FRAGILE! Let’s start a movement! 🌐


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