How to Tame the Fear Monster: Practical Strategies for Executives to Lead with Confidence During Change


Executives are you a disruptor or a defender of the status quo?


The C-suite thrives on innovation, but let’s face it: change can be a real anxiety monster lurking in your inbox. Mergers, acquisitions, technological disruption – these challenges can make even the most seasoned leader break into a sweat. (We’ve all been there, haven’t we?)


Lisa G. (Leadership Coach) here, and I can assure you, that feeling overwhelmed and anxious during change is perfectly normal for high-performing executives. But what if I told you there’s a way to befriend the fear monster and navigate change with strategic agility and unwavering confidence? Tony Robbins, world-renowned performance coach, agrees. Together, we’re here to share some battle-tested strategies to help you conquer your anxieties and lead your team through disruption with strength.


First things first, Executive Edgar: Acknowledge the Disruption. Trying to bury your anxieties only intensifies them. Instead, validate your concerns. Say to yourself, “It’s natural to feel anxious during disruption.” Writing down your concerns can be a powerful tool here. Write down your worries, then analyze them – are they realistic roadblocks, or can you develop strategies to overcome them?


Next, Challenge Those Negative Thought Patterns. We all get caught in worst-case-scenario spirals. Stop! Ask yourself: “Is this thought serving me? Does it empower me to lead effectively?” Replace negativity with a positive reframe. Instead of “This change will derail my team’s performance,” tell yourself, “This is an opportunity to innovate and strengthen our competitive edge.”


Feeling a Loss of Control? Shift your focus to what you can control. You can’t dictate the changes, but you can control your leadership style, strategic decision-making, and team communication. Empower yourself and your team!


Feeling Stressed? Mindfulness and relaxation techniques are your new secret weapon. Deep breathing, meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation activate your body’s “calm down” response. Just 5-10 minutes a day can make a world of difference in your focus and decision-making abilities.


Don’t Go It Alone, Executive Edgar. Build a strong support network. Reach out to trusted colleagues, mentors, or executive coaches. Sharing your anxieties can be incredibly cathartic and provide valuable insights. Schedule regular check-ins – let them know how they can best support you and your leadership during this time.


Self-Care is Your Leadership Superpower. During change, prioritize sleep, healthy food, and exercise. A strong body and mind will help you weather any storm and lead with unwavering resilience. Identify activities that de-stress you – reading, nature walks, or listening to music – and schedule them in!


Change is a journey, not a destination, Executive Edgar. Celebrate your small wins. Did you successfully navigate a challenging negotiation? Did you inspire your team to embrace a new approach? Acknowledge these achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Keeping a “wins” journal can help you focus on the positive and stay motivated.


Remember, you’re not alone. By equipping yourself with these tools and building a strong support system, you can tame the fear monster and emerge as a stronger, more adaptable leader on the other side of change. Now go out there and lead with confidence!


P.S. Want to dive deeper? Join my upcoming live video on “Leading with Agility During Disruption” on Monday at 4 PST. I’ll be sharing even more actionable strategies and answering your questions live!