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New Ways: Get Them To Stay, Retain Top Talent


Hi Leaders, It’s Lisa G. Welcome to my newsletter.


Leaders, have you noticed top talent leaving, despite competitive compensation?


Let me share a story that may sound familiar…


A rising star takes a lucrative job at a prestigious company. The perks are amazing – unlimited PTO, free lunches, onsite massages.


A dream job, right?


Yet 2 years later, the employee hands in their notice. The company is baffled. They offer a raise, but the employee still leaves.


Sound familiar? This is happening everywhere.


But here’s what leaders miss – today’s workforce seeks more than a paycheck. They crave purpose, growth, and fulfillment at work.


Work is no longer just about work. It must connect to a deeper WHY.


As leaders, if we only focus on compensation, we’ll LOSE in today’s talent wars.


The key is nurturing a deeper CONNECTION with your teams, and a connection between your employee’s passions and your company mission.


This newsletter will reveal 3 strategies to inspire meaning and retain superstars.


But first – some questions for self-reflection:


– Do your people understand the company’s values and mission? Is it truly inspiring?


– Are you sharing success stories and vulnerable shares that highlight real human impact?


– Does each person have a pathway for growth and development?


The companies winning the talent war have mastered connecting work to purpose. How?


1) Make Values Valuable: Codify an Inspiring Mission


86% of employees that find their company’s values meaningful are engaged at work. But only 46% of leaders think their company lives its stated values.


Codify values that become a culturally embedded North Star – like Disney’s “Create Joy and Memories” or Nike’s “Do the Impossible.”


2) Share Success Stories and the stories that didn’t go so well along with the lessons learned from them to build connection:


Show Real Human Impact


72% of companies with strong values significantly outperform the competition.


Share stories of how your company’s work positively impacts people. Make values come to life through real human narratives.


Be like Toms – they don’t just donate shoes, they share the stories of people whose lives are changed.


3) Offer Pathways to Growth: Invest in Mentorships and Training


93% of employees would stay longer at a company that invests in their career.


Provide mentorships, training programs, and clear growth pathways to fulfill people’s potential. A learning culture retains talent.


Companies like Adobe know today’s workforce craves growth. Their educational benefits are gold standard.


When people connect work with purpose, retention skyrockets. Talent thrives. And bottom lines explode with growth.


The choice is yours. Will you transform your culture to inspire purpose and meaning? Unite people to a shared WHY, and become the leader they can’t

live without?


As always, reach out if you want to chat more. I’m here to support your success!