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Dear Trailblazing Readers and High-Powered Executives,


As we dive into the holiday season (or perhaps surf into it, if you’re in a sunny locale), it’s time to take a moment to celebrate YOU! Yes, you, the unstoppable forces of excellence and innovation. We’re tossing confetti in your honor for the incredible strides you’ve made this year. Your grit and determination are nothing short of inspiring.


From Fragile to Robust: Transforming Your Business with Anti-Fragility

Welcome to our latest newsletter, where we’re turning the spotlight on your journey from fragility to robustness in the world of business. In an era of constant change and unpredictability, we’re about to explore the superhero concept of anti-fragility—a superpower that turns challenges into stepping stones for success!


1. Recognizing Fragility: The Hidden Pain Points

Okay, we’re getting real here. The first step towards superhero status is acknowledging those pain points related to fragility. Many businesses suffer from a lack of resilience, making them as vulnerable as a house of cards in a windstorm. What are the hidden kryptonites within your organization, and how are they impacting your ability to thrive?


Tip: It’s Time for a Resilience Audit

Take out your superhero magnifying glass and evaluate your business processes, supply chains, and internal structures. Identify those potential points of vulnerability and assess how well your organization can handle curveballs. Are you ready to tackle unexpected challenges head-on, or are there weak links that need a dose of superhero serum?


2. Building Anti-Fragility: Overcoming the Resilience Gap

Now, here comes the fun part. The resilience gap often feels like the gap between Spider-Man’s web-swinging skills and your average commuter stuck in traffic. It’s time to bridge that gap and transform your business from being merely robust to full-on anti-fragile superhero mode!

Tip: Unleash Your Inner Innovation Avenger

Channel your inner Tony Stark (minus the iron suit) and encourage your team to get creative. Innovation is your spidey sense in the world of anti-fragility. Embrace change and encourage creative problem-solving—it’s the superhero way. Is your organization fostering a culture that would make even the Avengers proud?


3. Strategic Adaptation: Turning Disruptions into Opportunities

Ah, the plot twist! Disruptions are like supervillains—you can’t avoid them, but you can certainly outsmart them. The pain point here is not knowing how to strategically adapt and turn those disruptions into opportunities for epic growth and transformation.


Tip: Craft Your Superhero Strategy with Scenario Planning

Anticipate potential disruptions with your X-ray vision and develop strategies for every scenario. This proactive approach allows your business to respond faster than the Flash when faced with unexpected challenges. Have you donned your cape and conducted scenario planning exercises to prepare for various potential disruptions?


Join Us for “Disrupted – How to Be Gritty and Unlock Performance”

Hold onto your capes, folks! We’re thrilled to invite you to our upcoming Free Online Event, “Disrupted – How to Be Gritty and Unlock Performance.” It’s not just an event; it’s a celebration of your superhero journey. Let’s keep this transformation going strong and make 2024 the year you conquer new horizons!

Stay tuned for more details because this event is going to be more electrifying than a lightning bolt from Thor’s hammer!

Wishing you and your superhero squad an action-packed holiday season filled with joy, laughter, and endless inspiration. Here’s to soaring to new heights in the year ahead!


With heartfelt thanks and superhero enthusiasm,

Lisa G

Your Superhero Executive Coach