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Surprising Ways to Conquer Innovation In Disruption To Succeed NOW

So That You Can Unleash Your Team’s Inner Genius When The Going Gets Tough

Hey leaders! Lisa G. here, and this week we’re tackling a critical skill: innovation in times of crisis. Let’s face it, when the world throws curveballs (and lately, it feels like a never-ending game!), visionary leaders have the power to hit those curveballs out of the park. How? By harnessing the incredible power of innovation.


In this issue, we’ll explore:

  • The pain points every leader faces during a crisis (hint: declining revenue is just the tip of the iceberg!).
  • How to cultivate a culture of “can-do” innovation – even when the sky seems to be falling.
  • Actionable tips to turn your team into a creativity machine – no matter the disruption.


So, buckle up and get ready to unlock hidden innovation potential!



Identifying Your Innovation Kryptonite

First things first: understanding the challenges. Crises can disrupt supply chains, rattle customer confidence, and zap your bottom line faster than you can say “recession.” But fear not! The key is to flip the script and see these challenges as opportunities for creative problem-solving.


Tip: Embrace the Problem-Solving Mindset

Transform your team into a SWAT team of innovation. Challenge them to view difficulties as puzzles waiting to be cracked. Brainstorm like nobody’s watching (because, well, they probably aren’t – remote work, anyone?). Remember, every crisis holds the seeds of transformation – if you know where to look!


Building Your Innovation Dream Team

Innovation thrives in a supportive environment. So, how do you cultivate a culture where crazy ideas are celebrated, not squashed?


Tip: Unleash the Power of Diverse Perspectives

Here’s your secret weapon: different thinking. Encourage collaboration across departments and welcome ideas from all levels. The intern with a coding passion might have the solution you’ve been overlooking!



Staying Agile When the Ground is Shaky

In a crisis, the only constant is change. That’s why agility is your new best friend. Your organization has to pivot on a dime to meet evolving customer needs and market demands.


Tip: Foster a Growth Mindset

Help your team ditch the “fixed mindset” and embrace the “growth mindset.” In other words, teach them to love change and see challenges as opportunities to learn and adapt. Think of yourself as surfers, riding the waves of disruption instead of being wiped out.


Turning Tech into Your Innovation Engine

Technology isn’t just for cat videos anymore (although, those can be pretty inspiring too). Smart tech can streamline processes, boost productivity, and open doors to new possibilities.


Tip: Embrace Digital Transformation

Invest in tools that empower remote work, and virtual collaboration, and keep the communication flowing. Think AI, machine learning, automation – anything that can help you innovate and adapt faster than the competition.


Empowering Your Team’s Inner MacGyver

Your team is brimming with hidden talent – you just need to tap into it! Here’s how to unleash their creativity and turn them into innovation powerhouses.


Tip: Create a Safe Space for Experimentation

Let your team know it’s okay to take calculated risks and try new things (even if they fail – failing forward is still moving forward!). Provide resources and support, and celebrate both successes and learning opportunities. Remember, innovation isn’t about getting it right every time; it’s about trying new things and iterating your way to success.


Embracing Disruption: Your Secret Weapon

Disruption can be scary but also a catalyst for incredible growth. The key is to see it as an opportunity to shake things up and do things differently.


Tip: Foster an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Encourage your team to challenge the status quo and think outside the box. Instead of fearing disruption, see it as a chance to innovate and leapfrog the competition. After all, sometimes the most creative solutions come from unexpected places.

Collaboration: The Innovation Multiplier

Great minds think alike (and sometimes they disagree, which can be even better!). Partnering with others can supercharge your innovation efforts.


Tip: Forge Strategic Alliances

Find external partners who share your vision and complement your skillset. Think startups, industry experts, or even universities. By working together, you can share resources, leverage each other’s strengths, and accelerate your journey towards innovation domination (or at least, really awesome results).


Ready to Conquer Innovation in Disruption? Take Action Now!

Here are some ways you can start implementing these ideas today:

  • Schedule a brainstorming session: Gather your team and identify your current innovation kryptonite. What challenges are specifically hindering your progress?
  • Host a “Diversity of Thought” lunch: Invite team members from different departments to share their perspectives on a specific challenge.
  • Audit your technology stack: Are there any digital tools that could streamline processes, boost collaboration, or spark new ideas?
  • Celebrate small wins: Recognize and reward your team’s efforts in innovation, big or small.
  • Share your story! In the comments below, tell us one way you’ve used disruption as a springboard for innovation in your organization.


Let’s keep the conversation going!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on conquering innovation in disruption.  Share your challenges, successes, and questions in the comments.


Together, we can turn disruption into our greatest opportunity!

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